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What a weekend…

Posted in March 2007 on March 5, 2007 by harold78

Last weekend (27 Feb 07) I had the chance to go Kg. Paitan. It’s my lifelong wish to enter this part of Sabah. The journey took us about 4hrs by road until we reached the bridge. Happy giler!!!

Paitan Jetty  img_0021.jpg  img_0023.jpg

From the jetty we took a boat ride for another 30mins to reach Kg. Paitan. Cramp pantat beb!! hehehe.. but thee ride was fantastic la..

img_0031.jpg  img_0037.jpg  img_0039.jpg

We finally arrived in Kg. Paitan safely and in one piece 🙂 after the fantastic boat ride. We were greeted warmly by the orang kampung.. mcm artis la pula.. hehe.. we proceed to the convent where Sr. Dorothy & Sr. Hilary stays.. the kampung was beautiful.. best!!

img_0042.jpg  img_0054.jpg

We didn’t do much for the rest of the day. We prepared dinner untuk kami² then the rest of the night is free.. that night Jeff and I were sitting at a small hut where they use to cook rice. We all sembang² la and we didn’t keep track of time.. sekali tengok… OMG!! it’s 1pm and everyone dah K.O. and all lights are off.. but we’re so lucky that day to see shooting stars.. Jeff saw twice and I only saw once.. it was like so close to us ba the shooting star. That nite we took our rest peacefully inside the chapel.

img_0073.jpg  img_0084.jpg

We bangun awal that day to help out in preparing lunch for the whole kampung. Jeff and I were asked to be incharge of “Sweet and Sour Sausages” hehehe.. we did great job on that one la of cos.. then we served foods to the kampung people. It was fun and I felt the joy to see their faces. We played some games with the children also la.. Jeff took charge the musical chair with Margaret while the rest of the kids sang to us on the convent’s balcony.

img_0102.jpg  img_0118.jpg  img_0117.jpg

By the end of the day, everyone received packed goodies prepared by our team. Everyone was happy and satisfy. We bid farewell to the people, took our boat ride for another 30mins and drive back to KK to do our normal daily routine. I’m gonna miss Paitan and hoping to come back one day..

group photo One for the album..

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