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Vacancy: Fashion Consultant needed urgently..

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Job Description: Help this man!! He is a FASHION CRIMINAL..


trip! trip! trip!

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Last week i went to LD to join some fwens jalan-jalaning there. Thanks to Lola for giving us food and shelter, to Borneo Paradise’s manager (i forgot his name) for giving us 50% discount on the room and booked the chair for us so we can watch AF6 final, Om Ramon for being our tour guide and the youths of St. Dominic for their friendly hospitality. Didn’t take much pictures just a few i wanted to share wif you guys.. enjoy..

Spot the not!! Part 4

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Wassup!! Here i come again after almost 5 mths ndak memblogging nih. Anyway just want to share something. Ok, have you ever come across ppl who terlampau mengharap dz? Kalau mengharap becoz teda suda orang di dunia ni dapat buat tu kerja inda apa juga. Ni, main suka hati mulut ja pointing kat orang. Ada yang mau kena tampar nih. Siapa yang suggest dia la yang buat kan? Anyway, enuf about that. Oh ya, here are some more Spot The Not for you.. enjoy!!