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Samantha’s Full Moon

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Today ( 22nd June 2008 ) i went to a Full Moon celebration of Samantha Paul Mojiwat, a new member of the family. Surely la kalau baby mesti la cute kan? Anyway, had gatherings with some of the clans and photo-photo. So here you go.

As usual la ba kan, whatever strange things i see it will be up on this blog in no time. Now, can you spot the not??


Ubah Gaya Hidup atau ??

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Fantastic 4 is indeed FANTASTIC!!

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Hi there! You must be wondering what the heck ba this Harold trying to do. Well i just came back from Life Nite (20 June 2008). It was indeed a fun nite for me. We get to play “Treasure Hunt”. I thought sana2 ja the treasure hunt but actually you have to go out from the church compound ni. We were given up to Damai to find our clues. So my group consists of 4 fantastic people. Jay, Yvonne, Fabian and myself. We call ourselves the Fantastic 4 (that explains the picture above kan? hehe..) Well, it’s a bit of Amazing Race la cuz we have to find all the clues plus buy stuffs and finding signboards and to be back early. We didn’t get to be the first one to arrive la so 10 points, gone!! Nvm, continue reading. Some of the things we have to find is this..





The Car

So we went all out la trip2 Amazing Race to solve all clues. Ada juga la pusing2 Damai sampai 20mins. Oh lupa, Fabian is our driver, i’m the co-pilot, Jay and Yvonne jadi the clue finder. Out of so many questions, we didn’t get to answer 2 or 3 questions la but never mind cuz we are pretty much confident on the others. Then we went back to SHC to find more answers. Done that, we checked out our answers with Denis. You know what? WE WON!! actually we tied up with group 11 la but still, WE WON!! Inda sangka ni cuz ada lagi yang bagus2 punya team.

This is all about teamwork. My team worked hard and hand-in-hand to face the challenges ahead of us. What i have learned from this is to be more attentive even to the smallest thing like “Fish Mee” hehe.. (Team, you know what i mean..) Anyway, that’s all i have for this edition. I shall be posting more in the near future bergantung kalau ada ilham la. Okay, i’m outta here.. peace!! Owh.. please comment.

Fantastic 4 (Harold, Yvonne, Jay, Fabian)

More pictures go to Fabian’s blog..

A New Name??

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JASON!! Ahaa.. thats my new name. Meaning, “God Is My Saviour”. I was given this name during the recent Freedom Camp in BCCM, Kundasang. Well, i think i could live by this name. There’s another friend of mine with the same name but people call him “Chon-Chon”. You can call me “Jayz” hahahah.. minta puji.. anyway up to you la. Me where-where only.

Freedom Camp!!

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Wassa!! Here i go again and this time i’m gonna membebel abt “Freedom Camp” a weekend xperience wif God held in BCCM Kundasang last weekend. It was a great camp after all after complaining much on the water and weather. The speaker was great (of course), the workshop was fun (especially describing an angel to my team mates), powerful worships (Mary Anne & Jess), lively workout session (Lidz), room is okay but crowded, no table, own sink and not enough power port, room mates excluding Bian & Adrian (no comment), Whispers of Wind (awesome!), foods (i like the curry) and the band (if i have three thumbs, i’d put all three up). Overall, i still prefer BT.

Haiya! Banjir lagi…

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This is the scene taken at 5.30pm today ( June 9, 2008 ) and my house in blue. Anyone care for “Teh-Tarik”?