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The Amazing Race Asia 3

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Some of you may have watched this show since Season 1 so you know what’s this all about, but if not, it’s a reality show about racing to the Pit Stop. Dubbed as “The Toughest Race” ever, the focus is not on the locations, but in the challenges teams must face, which were designed with the team’s relationships in mind, and created to test their strengths.

I’m a fan of this show and this season, my fav. team is Bernie & Henry. Bernie is a TV host and Henry is a Chef. I chose this team simply because they’re siblings and they share the same thoughts. Says Bernie, “Finding the right partner to do it with is half the race won and Hen is the only person who understands what I’m trying to say half the time.”

Unfortunately, they got eliminated this week, another 2 weeks to the finals. Doing the Indian Kolam is not a good choice afterall cuz they have the body, strength and stamina to be doing the “fish”. They could have at least be the 4th team to step on the carpet. Well, all done. They’re out. Look out for the other Malaysian Team, Ida and Tania. They may not be strong but stepping the carpet as the 2nd Girl Team to win TARA is a possibility. Good luck girls!!


Inter-School Basketball Competition

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Fuh! penat juga la even i’m not playing, just as a Team Manager ja la hehe.. Anyway, these are my students playing for Haip Loong Cup Under 11 in SJK(C) Shan Tao. They played 3 games against SJK (C) Hwa Shiong, Putatan, Lok Yuk Menggatal and Anglo Chinese and won all so far. 52-7, 58-0 and 41-5 are the scores respectively. Well at least we kissed the quarter final. Proud of their teamwork. Next we were told that we have to face the “giants”, SJK (C) Chung Hwa, KK. I’m not sure about this but kita tengok aja la apa jadi. Will post the result soon okay. Chao!


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Last Saturday (25 Oct) was the wedding day of my cousin Michelle. She married to a Semenanjung guy Mazlan. I don’t really biasa with si Mazlan cuz jarang jumpa. He pun jarang2 balik KK but so far he’s a great person. All the best in your marriage Mishol! Praying for your happiness.

Michelle & Mazlan


Some of the family members

Some friends from KL

Baby Bryan

Happy Birthday!!

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Today 25th October, two of my friends shared their birthday. Dorothy currently in KK and Fr. Wilfred is in Rome studying. To Dot, thank God for the gift of you. You have always been a sister to me in my fall and my rise. Glad having you as a friend. To Fr, i miss your voice and i can’t wait for you to come back. “Bawa balik ole-ole ah anggota hehe..” I wish them the best of luck in whatever they do. God bless you two.


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LESSON: If opportunity doesn’t knock the door; open the door and drag opportunity inside.

Kongsi Raya!!

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Nah kan.. mesti ada yang share bofday ngan sy. Hehe.. memang sy dah tau lama dah ni, si Gidong jak lupa. Tapi suda sy suruh dia buat reminder di handphone dia so no reason to forget, chewah. Tapi dia sifu la, sy anak murid ja. Anyway, Happy Birthday to you and like what you said “Semuga panjang umur lah kita dua..”

P/s, gambar ni si Gidong yg buat. Tima kaci ah.

Thank You! Part II – The Gift

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This photo was taken from a gift given by Fabian

Porky Card given by Charlene, Scripture Notebook given by Aline and Photo frame (with piture) given by Fabian