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I’m not a Salesman okay..

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Yesterday (26th Nov), i went giving out calling cards for caroling with Bian & Dot. A thing that we do every year so that the house that we’re going to sing will be inform before hand. And as usual, i will be the one yang keluar to give out all the cards. And as usual juga la, i have to face people yang ada di rumah but bila saya panggil buat-buat tia dengar. Ingat saya ni salesman ka? Ada yang kasi lepas anjing la. Macam-macam lagi la. But seriously, i’ve been doing this for couple of years now, buat macam besa ja. Siok juga la bila tiada orang menjawab cuz they thought that i’m selling stuff, then i’ll purposely kasi kuat my voice and say, “This is caroling, i’m not selling products, Merry Christmas!” then walk off, hahahaha.. Anyway, some pictures for you to see me in action. Enjoy!





Photos by: Fabian


Ronnie & Madylisa

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Last Saturday (22nd Nov), i was singing for wedding as early as 8.30am. Gosh! In Stella Maris for Meg’s best friend Monica & Edward. After that, terus direct to Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, Kobusak for my cousin’s wedding, Ronnie & Madylisa. I took some pictures and would like to share to all my viewers. Enjoy.











I’m in Breeze Mags!!

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One day, a friend smsed me telling me that my picture is in November Issue of Breeze Magazine. I said OMG! i didn’t go to any club so far. She said, ‘nah..nah..kedapatan pigi clubbing’.. What the heck! Hehe.. Rupa-rupanya, my pict appeared in their report on the Borneo International Marathon. I was volunteering in this event as a time keeper. Cis! sy ingat front cover. Anyway, glad juga la, at least once. Go get your copy ok. It’s free monthly issue.


I’ve Been Tagged!! Which is so uncool..

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I’ve been tagged for the first time today by a friend (which i will not mention for his safety reason..hahaha..) Seriously speaking, i’ve read few bloggers who hates being tagged. I’m not into hating it but it is so uncool when people tag you and you’re in a mess like me!! So, i choose to accept this tag and i choose to get dressed up before taking picture and do some editing to the picture. (It’s my choice isn’t it? Anyway, who would check.) So here we go..

1. Take a recent picture of yourselves or take a picture of you right NOW! – Which i’m doing it now.


2. DON’T change your clothes, DON’T fix your hair…Just take a picture. – Like i would do that!


3. Post that picture with NO editing. – Yeah right!

4. Post these instructions with your picture. – Done

5. Tag 10 people to do this. – I’m gonna skip this one. I respect your privacy. If you’re up for it, go ahead tag yourself.


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Jimmy & Lidwina (8th November 2008)









New Blog!

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Hey there, been busy with work lately. My student’s Basketball match taking half of my energy, plus work lagi.. hehe.. anyway, proudly to announce that my 2nd blog is up on the net. is the address. Been working with the layout and still under renovation (chewah..) This 2nd blog is mainly for sharing of ideas and thoughts. So my WordPress blog is STILL valid. Happy readingĀ  everyone!


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