I’ve Been Tagged!! Which is so uncool..

I’ve been tagged for the first time today by a friend (which i will not mention for his safety reason..hahaha..) Seriously speaking, i’ve read few bloggers who hates being tagged. I’m not into hating it but it is so uncool when people tag you and you’re in a mess like me!! So, i choose to accept this tag and i choose to get dressed up before taking picture and do some editing to the picture. (It’s my choice isn’t it? Anyway, who would check.) So here we go..

1. Take a recent picture of yourselves or take a picture of you right NOW! – Which i’m doing it now.


2. DON’T change your clothes, DON’T fix your hair…Just take a picture. – Like i would do that!


3. Post that picture with NO editing. – Yeah right!

4. Post these instructions with your picture. – Done

5. Tag 10 people to do this. – I’m gonna skip this one. I respect your privacy. If you’re up for it, go ahead tag yourself.


5 Responses to “I’ve Been Tagged!! Which is so uncool..”

  1. Hey, it sounded like you’re writing this entry out of your annoyance or shall I say anger? hehe.. It was supposed to be a fun thing 🙂

  2. Does it written in anywhere saying “IT IS A ‘MANDATORY’ FUN THING!” i don’t think so.. So it’s entirely up to the person, am i right? It can be fun and it can be uncool..(especially if you receive the tag and you’re undressed, hair in a mess and oily face..hahahaha.) So i twisted it a bit or shall i say the whole thing? No big deal.. Inda tertakluk dalam perjanjian Malaysia pun. Hahaha.. Anyway, my thoughts are mine, inda kena-mengena dengan yang hidup atau mati. So, jangan ambil hati okay!..

  3. Harol napa ko curi kerusi tangan saya ? hahaha kerusi kita sama ja huahahaha dah lah tarikh lahirpun sama, kerusi pun sama hehe

  4. ambil hati? As if I’m the one who tagged you… (duh!)

    Anyway, well said 🙂

  5. Ops..sorry..ada org terasa..hehehe..sebenarnya my comments are meant for general opinion not for any particular person (termasuk org yg me-nag sy..) hehehe..

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